Oilfield Services

C Company has the resources and knowledge to tackle some of the most critical oilfield service projects. Whether you need a 2.3 million gallon frac tank, rig mat installation, hotshot/expediting, site work, man camp construction, or well monitoring service, C Company can get the job done on time and on budget.

Our staff is dedicated to serving the unique needs of the Bakken Oilfield. We stay on call 24 hours a day and we understand timelines can be short so we often have crews work over night to make sure the project gets done when you need it. Our office and shop and employee housing is located in Williston, North Dakota on Hwy 2. Owning our own equipment gives us the ability to react to our customer needs quickly.

C Company can handle your project in almost any weather condition. Our engineers and senior project managers have built several projects in some of the coldest climates on the planet. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.


Grading and Excavation

Nearly every construction project starts with excavation and grading, a process that creates a foundation for all future site development. Choosing the wrong company for the job can result in exorbitant costs, prolonged completion and even structural hazards, so you want to make sure you hire experienced professionals.

At C Company, we specialize in and frequently perform various commercial and residential excavations, so you can rest assured that your project will be carried out by experts. From land clearing to finish grading, every job is supervised to ensure competent execution and 100% customer satisfaction.

With the latest methods and technology in excavation, we take every measure to help you create a cost effective project, including purchasing materials direct from the manufacturer and using time-saving processes.

Whatever your excavation and grading needs, C Company has the expertise to complete your project in a timely and affordable manner.

Now offering Hydro Excavation Services in Bakken, ND

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Trucking Services

  • Equipment hauling
    • Oilfield spec semi's
    • 25 Ton low-boy trailers
    • Land-all trailers
  • Aggregate hauling
    • 20 yard belly dump
  • Hotshot and shipping
    • 55' Step deck trailers
    • 10 ton gooseneck trailers
  • Water hauling
    • Fresh and salt water hauling
    • 130 barrel trailers
  • Experienced Drivers
    • Prudhoe Bay, Alaska haul road trucking experience
  • Full time in house mechanic
  • Super Vacuum Truck Services
  • Hydro Excavation Services
  • Service truck
    • F750 with tools, compressor, and welder
  • 8,000 sq.ft. mechanic shop in Williston, ND.
  • Oversize loads
  • Pilot cars available
  • 24 Hour service

Specialized Welding Services

  • Mobile welding fabrication and repair
    • Remodification
  • Heavy Equipment Repair
    • Bucket repair
    • Build up using hard faced applications
    • Equipment modifications
  • Truck Repair
    • Frame repair
    • Trailer liners (new wear plates)
  • New Fabrication
    • Cat walks
    • Stairways
    • Steel erection
    • Skids
    • Oil rigs
  • Specializing in all types of the following welding fields:
    • Mild steel
    • Cast steel
    • Cast aluminum
    • Cast bronze
  • 40 ton truck crane available
  • Hot shot available
  • 24 hr on call service

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Why Choose Us?

  • Fully Insured
  • Licensed
  • Same-Day Service
  • References Available
  • Many Years of Experience
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Quality and Reliability
  • On Call 24 Hours

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